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If you are planning to build a residential property, commercial premises, or an additional structure on an existing property, you will require the services of a building certifier.

Building approval and certification is required to ensure safety and compliance to the relevant building codes in your area. 

No matter the size or scope of your building project, iCertified's experienced and professional private building certifiers on the Sunshine Coast will provide the highest level of service in certifying your project through all stages of the build, ensuring a smooth process.

Arrange a building approval: 1300 899 078 or book online.

Building Approvals & Certification

If you are undertaking construction work of any kind or altering or repairing structural building work, by law you must get the required building approvals and permits from a licensed and registered private building certifier. Our certifiers on the Sunshine Coast can provide the necessary permits so your residential or commercial project can begin without delay, while remaining compliant with regulatory bodies.

As part of the compliancy process, a certifier is required to regularly inspect building projects during the design, each stage of construction and on completion to ensure that the building work complies with the initial plans, as well as the necessary building standards and codes for Queensland. The building certifier also looks after the relevant approvals and documentation required throughout the build process, which must be lodged with your local council.

iCertified's team of qualified inspectors are:

Our Sunshine Coast Building Certification Services

iCertified are experienced with the entire building certification process in Queensland and will assess building works from start to finish.

Building Design Stage

While the building is being designed we can provide assistance through:

  • Comprehensive building advice
  • Assessing and approving building plans
  • Town planning
  • Energy efficiency
  • Ensuring the building meets Local Government requirements
  • Confirming the building is suitable for occupancy

Building Construction & Completion Stage

During the construction process our services include:

  • Site inspections at mandatory stages such as:
    • Foundations and excavation stage
    • Slab stage (prior to pouring concrete)
    • Building frame stage (prior to masonry, cladding or lining)
    • Final stage (after the building work has been completed)
  • We provide ongoing advice in compliance with Building Approval documents
  • We complete the final certification for your project in conformity with the supporting certification and documentation
  • We issue the final Certification documentation to the building owner and local government

What types of building works require a permit?

Our accredited building certifiers on the Sunshine Coast provide building approvals for the following types of works:

  • Construction of new dwellings/homes
  • Renovations and extensions to existing homes
  • Balconies, patios, verandas and decks
  • Garages, carports and sheds
  • Swimming pools and fences (we also provide pool safety certificates)
  • Retaining walls
  • As constructed Approvals
  • Shop fit-outs
  • Termite repair certification
  • And many more types of structures, both residential and commercial.

In some instances a building approval isn't required, such as for minor home renovations and the construction of small sheds, called ‘accepted developments’, however in these cases it may still be required to get local government approval.

A qualified building certifier will be able to advise you on whether or not a building approval is actually needed. It can be a costly mistake to conduct any building work without the appropriate approvals so it's best to check this with a professional before doing any construction work.

Ask our experienced building certifiers as soon as possible on 1300 899 078.

Why do you need a Building Approval?

Building Approvals ensure the safety of a building project structure and are assessed against the Building Code of Australia and the Building and Plumbing Regulations (Queensland). A licenced building certifier is responsible for checking whether the proposed work is compliant with the Building Act 1975. This includes the following areas:

  • Will the building be safe, and designed and constructed soundly?
  • Does the building have the correct level of fire safety?
  • Will the building be appropriately protected from pests?
  • Will the building be adequately drained and sewered?
  • Will the building meet minimum energy and water efficiency standards?

Contact us for Building Approvals

Don't delay in organising your building approvals and risking non-compliance. Let us help make sure your building project is compliant with industry standards and regulations. Our accredited private building certifiers on the Sunshine Coast provide an efficient and professional certification service, helping make sure your project runs on time and without unnecessary delays when it comes to permits and approvals. We also provide building certification services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Call us on 1300 899 078 or fill out our enquiry form to discuss your building approval needs.

Page last updated: 08-05-2024

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