Building Approvals For Sheds in QLD

Looking to build a shed on your property? Not so fast!

Before you put any additional dwelling on your residential property such as a garage, shed or carport, it is important to understand and comply with both state and local council requirements.

Finding out whether or not you need to obtain a building approval before you start your project can save you thousands in hefty council fines. Building a shed without a permit can cost up $44,000.

In this article we look at the key factors that determine whether or not you require a building approval and when you need to enlist a private certifier.

What is a building permit and do you need one?

A building permit or approval is issued by your local council or a private building certifier to homeowners and property developers, after proper inspection of building plans and construction sites has been completed. It indicates that the project meets the regulations defined by the Building Code of Australia.

Different states have different  rules and regulations regarding building approvals. According to Queensland Building Regulation 2021, some smaller types of building work do not need approval. The owner is subsequently responsible for ensuring the work is compliant with state and local standards instead.

These types of structures  include:

  • small tool sheds, stable or similar up to 10m2, other than in a tropical cyclone area
  • a 1m high retaining wall (if no loads are imposed above it, such as a building or driveway)
  • a fence no more than 2m high (not including swimming pool fencing).

If you are unsure whether your intended building falls under the category of accepted development (previously called self-assessable) or not, you are best to check with your council. Provide them with details of your plans and they can guide you in the right direction . As the owner, you are also responsible to check the work against any local government planning schemes and whether or not those schemes require approval.

Man and woman looking a blueprints

When DO YOU need a building approval?

You will need an approval for your shed or other additional building if it exceeds 10m² in size . However, even smaller building will need approval if they are intended in any of Queensland’s cyclonic areas. Regions including Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, and the Whitsundays are all classified as cyclonic regions and will require a building approval. Again, if you’re unsure whether you are located in a cyclonic area or not, check with your local council or a with a private Building Certifier, like iCertified.

You can also arrange for a building approval through you Building Certifier. In certain circumstance, your project will not only require building approval but a development approval as well. A professional Building Certifier can assist in this process too.

Getting a building approval from a Building Certifier

In Queensland, it is the Building Certifiers who manage building approval and inspection processes to ensure building work comply with the Building Act 1975.

A building Certifier

A Certifiers job is to independently check and approve building work. This is to ensure it complies with the standards outlined in legislation and building codes.

The building certifier signs a Form 16 which he/she provides to a builder to confirm each stage of construction has been completed adequately.

View the process of obtaining a building approval in Queensland.

Contact us for Building Approvals

At iCertified, we deal directly with clients to issue building approvals for sheds and other buildings. We conduct inspections and finalise building works across Queensland in a professional and timely manner.

Our Professional services allow you to commence construction at a preferred time as one of our accredited building certifiers (licensed with QBCC) can grant you permission, rather than having to go to council to obtain your building approval.

Call us on 1300 899 078 or submit an online enquiry to to learn more about building permits and whether you require one.