Roofing Building Approvals

Do you need a building approval for a re-roofing project?

iCertified works with roofing contractors and property owners to help them meet administrative requirements set by the QBCC for roofing and re-roofing work. 

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Roofing & roof replacement building permits

As a result of major catastrophic weather events with severe storms along Queensland's north-eastern seaboard in 2017, the QLD Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) decided to conduct an audit of roofing contractors’ work and standards in the state.

It appeared a number of contractors were unaware of the requirement of holding a proper building approval and re-roofing work was being undertaken without the appropriate consent.

The state-wide review subsequently led to the QBCC reinforcing the need to obtain a building approval when re-roofing more than 20% of your roof on a residential building.

Without a valid permit, contractors are jeopardising their QBCC license and homeowners run the risk a roof that has not been lawfully approved which may affect their home insurance. 

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Why is a re-roofing approval required?

Roofing building approvals helps to ensure roofing on buildings are constructed to building codes and building standards that address health and amenity, safety and sustainability. Since roofing is commonly replaced in 40–50-year intervals in Australia (or when it is damaged by severe weather such as cyclones), it’s therefore important to know if the proposed new roofing system is suitable and meets the current standards.

Before a roofing project can be approved, the materials along with the batten size and spacing, tie-down and the property’s roof frame will have to be assessed by a building certifier.

Who is responsible for the approval?

The building approval must be obtained by either the roofing contractor or the property owner. The roofing contractor might have to be the one to get the approval of the owner of the property, depending on the case.

Roofing contractors should take care to ensure their quotes and contracts clearly state whether the property owner or roofing contractor is responsible for obtaining the necessary building approval.

When Do you NOT need building approval?

In Queensland, Australia, there are certain instances when you may not require building approval for re-roofing projects. According to current regulations, if you are planning to replace or repair LESS THAN 20% of your existing roof with the same or similar materials, you generally do not need to seek building approval. This applies when the replacement does not involve a change in the structural integrity of the building or affect its fire safety measures.

However, it's important to note that garden sheds, completion of building works, and other types of building works may have different requirements. If you intend to modify or alter the roof structure, such as changing the pitch, adding dormer windows, or altering the roof framing, you will need to obtain building approval from the relevant local government or certifier. These changes would fall under the category of significant modifications that require official authorisation.

Private certifiers can assist you with the building application process and ensure compliance with the relevant regulations. It's worth mentioning that if your property is listed under heritage protection, there may be specific requirements and approvals necessary even for re-roofing projects. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult with your local council or a qualified building professional to ensure compliance with all regulations and obtain accurate information regarding your specific circumstances, including garden sheds or any other building works you plan to undertake.

How to get an approval with iCertified

At iCertified we offer a complete certification process from start to finish. Our approvals include two site visits by our private building certifier, once during construction and the other for final signoff of the project.

To commence the application process, contact iCertified on 1300 899 078 or send us a message

iCertified's team of qualified inspectors are:

Get your Re-Roofing Building Approval

Our experienced certifiers can support you to meet the legal requirements and remain compliant with regulatory bodies for re-roofing projects.

If you are looking at re-roofing and need a building approval, contact iCertified on 1300 899 078 or send us a message so we can help you have commonly requested documents like the Form 2A and decision notice ready to hand over as proof of compliance.

Page last updated: 18-04-2024

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