Smoke Alarm Inspections

By law, all homes and units in Queensland must be fitted with smoke alarms. It’s your responsibility to make sure you have a working smoke alarm installed.

We ensure smoke alarm compliance efficiently, responsively and professionally. And we do it better than anyone.

Contact us to arrange an inspector to ensure your home has a compliant and active smoke alarm.


Your Smoke Alarm Obligations

Homes built before 1 July 1997 must have at least one 9-volt battery-operated smoke alarm.

Homes built or significantly renovated after 1 July 1997 must have a 240-volt (hard-wired) smoke alarm.

Buildings submitted for approval from 1st May 2014 must have hard-wired and interconnected smoke alarms.

As from 1st January 2017

  • a 10 year phased roll-out of interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms will commence, as follows:
  • in all new dwellings and substantially renovated dwellings (applies to all building applications submitted from 1st January 2017);

From 1st January 2022 - in all existing domestic dwellings leased or sold;

From 1st January 2027 - in all other existing domestic dwellings.

Prescribed limitations where smoke alarms should not be placed, include: 

  • within 300mm of a corner of a ceiling and a wall;
  • within 300mm of a light fitting;
  • within 400mm of an air-conditioning vent;
  • within 400mm of the blades of a ceiling fan.


Own A Rental Property?

Beyond providing a safe environment for your tenants to live in, fire safety standards have now changed and with these changes in mind comes your responsibility to ensure your property meets these new standards.

You are required by law to install and maintain smoke alarms in your rental property.

The minimum legal requirement for all existing dwellings is a 9-volt battery operated smoke alarm that complies with Australian Standards. Smoke alarms must be replaced 10 years after the manufacturers’ date.

When notified by a tenant that a smoke alarm is not operating, you are required to replace that smoke alarm with a photoelectric type that complies with AS3786-2014.


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Contact us to arrange an inspector to ensure your home has a compliant and active smoke alarm.

Page last updated: 03-04-2024

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