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Building Defect Assessment

It’s frustrating when your home or investment property has a building issue and you aren't certain how to handle it. You're probably worrying about how to have a building defect resolved and if the responsibility of repairing the problem rests with you or the builder.

We can assist you by coming to your property and assessing the defect so that you know exactly what you're dealing with.

We will then provide helpful advice and recommendations so that you know what action you need to take. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you.

Common Building Defects

The most common building defects often occur as a result of storm damage, recent renovations or general wear and tear.

Storm damage

While your insurance should cover storm damage, your insurer may question the extent and validity of your claim. By getting a defect report, we can provide independent evidence that you can to substantiate the storm damage during the claims process. This might be the difference between getting full cover or a partial cover.


It can be both a disappointing and awkward situation when a builder needs to resolve an issue or defect with a renovation but they are not taking responsibility. We can provide an independent building defect report that you can present to your builder as a more formal means of requesting rectification.

Cracks in walls

Wall cracks are unsightly but can also be a sign of serious structural problems in a property. There are many different factors that can cause cracks such as settling/subsidence, reactive soils, climate changes, poor design/construction, water damage, degradation of building materials etc. We can assess the severity of cracks, identify the cause and provide you with a report.

Wear and tear

Tradespeople are great to call on when you need to have something fixed, but knowing which trade you need and the full extent of the problem before you call anyone could save you a lot of money. As an independent party, we don't have any vested interests repairing your property's wear and tear which means that we can give you expert advice on what tradespeople you need and how best to solve the problem.

Why Fix Building Defects?

You need to be taking the necessary steps to ensure that your property safe and that you are protecting yourself from the liability of accidents and/or injury occurring.

The reality is that your biggest risk is not a compliance risk, rather it is your duty of care risk.

When Is A Builder Accountable For A Defect or Complaint?

If you present your builder with a defect inspection report and they refuse to fix defective work, you can contact the QBCC to assist you.

The QBCC has the following criteria which MUST be satisifed in order for them to assist you:

The contract work involves things like:

  • Building a new house, duplex or unit complex.
  • Renovations, repairs or extensions to a house, duplex or unit.
  • Swimming pools, carports, garages, structural landscaping.
  • Any trade work that is carpentry, tiling, painting or waterproofing.
  • Commercial/Industrial construction or renovation.

The value of the contract is more than $3,300 inlcuding labour, materials and GST.

You are lodging your complaint no later than 12 months of noticing the defect. We may be able to help with defects that are apparent within 6 years and 6 months from contract completion.

However, your contract can be of ANY value if your defect/complaint is in regards:

  • plumbing
  • drainage
  • gas fitting
  • chemical termite management
  • building design
  • site classification
  • fire protection

If you need more clarification as to whether your complaint is valid, see the QBCC's Dispute Checklist.

Get A Building Defect Report

Meeting your safety obligations can be made easier with good quality, professional help.

With over 20 years’ experience in the Building Surveying field, we offer quality, experienced building defect and safety reporting to protect you against accidents, injury and liability issues. We operate in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Call us today on 1300 899 078 or contact us to get started.

Page last updated: 03-04-2024

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