Always Ensure You Meet Your Administrative Requirements When Re-roofing

Re-roofing a house - make sure your administration is sorted

After the intensified inspection of QBCC Technical Standards Unit officers, it was found out that some contractors doing re-roofing work are without a valid Building Approval. Not only that, there are a few that haven’t paid premiums for the Home Warranty Scheme.

The news has prompted the commissioner of QBCC, Brett Bassett to emphasize to contractors the importance of complying with the standards of building codes.  

Re-roofing a house - make sure your administration is sorted


If a re-roofing contract in a residential building amounts to more than $3,300, then the contractor is required to pay premiums for a Home Warranty Scheme. In addition, that must be done before the work on the home is started or not exceeding 10 days after both parties entered a contract. To calculate the value of the building work, costs of the GST, labour, including the materials that may or may not be provided by the contractor are all taken into account.

Building Approval

A roofing building approval is required when 20% of the existing roof area has to be replaced. The roofing contractor might have to be the one to get the approval of the owner of the property, depending on the case.

With roofing mostly replaced 4 or 5 decades after, it’s important to know if the proposed new roofing system is suitable and meets the current standards. The materials along with the batten size and spacing, tie-down and the property’s roof frame will have to be assessed by a building certifier. After all the necessary checks are completed, the homeowner can receive a Building Approval.     

Apart from normal wear and tear, roofing systems are replaced when it is damaged by severe weather such as cyclones. Some homeowners who have experienced that problem file an insurance claim. In that case, they can use the assessment of the Building Approval as a reference.

Who is Responsible?

Early in the discussion, the roofing contractor has to tell the property owner who is in charge of getting the building approval. This information also has to be included in the quotes and the contract of the roofing work to be done.


Standards for re-roofing work in North Queensland are consistently being raised to ensure roofs could withstand cyclones and storms that happen a lot in the area. There have been reports about homes that completely losttheir roof frames during severe weather. It was later discovered that the roofing in those was done poorly because it did not comply with the present codes.

QBCC continuously encourage roofing contractors and homeowners to focus on the quality of their framing system and re-roofing work. Cutting corners doesn’t help anyone in the long run.

Contractors will eventually have problems with roofing systems they’ve completed that doesn’t comply with the current standards. Owners of the property will also have to spend more and have to deal with the roofing work even longer.     

With all things considered, the Building Approval assessment becomes a necessity. Property owners wouldn’t have to worry much about their roofing system during severe weather when they’ve taken necessary precautions to keep a roof over their heads – literally.

More Information

There is a lot of information from the QBCC about roofing work and permit requirements in cyclone-prone areas.

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