The Building Approval Process Explained

Building approvals

Queensland Building Approvals

Before starting construction of any new domestic building work, a new structure or addition to existing buildings in Queensland, you will need to obtain a building development approval. It is required under the Development Act 2016, Building Act and local government building regulations, and applies if you are undertaking the work yourself or employing the services of a licenced builder.

At iCertified, we deal directly with clients to issue building approvals, conduct inspections and finalise building works across Queensland in a professional and timely manner. Our services allow you to commence construction at a preferred time as one of our accredited building certifiers (licensed with QBCC) can grant you permission, rather than having to go to council to obtain your building approval.

The Process

If clients want to apply for a building permit, they need to start by lodging an application. We will provide a quote once we’ve viewed the building plans. Upon approval of the quote, clients will then need to lodge the full application including complete plans and supporting documentation for assessment.

A building certifier will assess the application once all required information and documentation has been received. Construction can begin immediately after an approval has been granted. The subsequent inspections will take place at different stages during the construction and final sign off will be given upon completion of the entire project. All iCertified’s documents are archived with local government.

Building Approval Step-By-Step Process

This guide has information about the various inspection stages.

1. Lodging your application:

Once we have provided you with a quote (that you have accepted), you will need to lodge your full plans for assessment along with completed application forms and supporting documents. You will also need to submit your payment in full.

2. Assessment of documentation:

We will assess provided plans and documentation against the Building Code of Australia, Queensland Development Code, and town planning schemes.

3. Decision notice:

Once all documentation has been assessed we will issue the building development approval and notify local council. We will provide you with copies of all documentation.

4. Inspections:

During different stages of construction, and according to the plans, iCertified will conduct the required inspections. The stages are as follows:

  • Foundations and excavation stage,
  • Slab stage (prior to pouring concrete),
  • Building frame stage (prior to masonry, cladding or lining) and
  • Final stage (after the building work has been completed).

We will issue Form 16 after completed, satisfactory inspections.

5. Final certificates:

Upon completion of all work, if satisfactory, iCertified will issue forms F21 and F11. Building work is fully approved and certified.

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