Tips To Make Your Pool Safer

QLD Swimming Pool Tips

A swimming pool is a nice addition to your home that the family can enjoy, especially those living in warm areas. It provides an opportunity for a good bonding activity for the family members, it gives your backyard an elegant look, and it’s the perfect place to host cocktail parties with friends and relatives. But no matter how beneficial a swimming pool is, it has some dangers attached to it if people are not cautious enough. Homeowners should ensure the safety of pool users. We listed the best tips to make your pool safer and make sure it complies with Queensland pool laws.

Install safety equipment

There is no such thing as a bad investment when it comes to the safety of your loved ones. Purchasing safety equipment like a Pool Cover will protect your kids from accidents, especially during the off-season.

Installing gates is now required by QLD pool laws for every swimming pool built. The minimum pool gate height is 48 inches. Ensure that the gate is self-latching, self-closing and does not swing towards the direction of the pool. Also, make sure that the gate is well maintained.

An alarm is one of the best pool safety equipment you can buy. It helps you monitor the activity around the swimming pool while doing something else. Choose from perimeter alarms, gate alarms, wearable alarms and sensitive alarms. Or try to get all of them, which is much better.

Remove possible visual obstructions

Build the surroundings of your pool in such a way that you have a clear view of it from every direction. Your safety tools and equipment won’t matter if you can’t see what is happening right away. Remove obstructions like furniture, plants, trees, and large garden decorations.

Get rid of unsafe accesses to your pool

Another required safety measure by Queensland pool laws is to remove climbable objects or any unsafe accesses to your swimming pool. Remove any climbable objects within 900 millimeters of the pool fence (non-climbable zone).

If there are tree branches hanging over the pool gates, trim it. For climbable objects that can’t be removed, cover them with non-climbable materials. Windows should also be permanently shut if the window sills are below 1200 high or have climbable objects near them.

Acquire safety tools and learn CPR

If ever there comes a time when you find someone drowning in the pool, it’s best if you have safety tools ready to help. Keep a life saver with rope and Shepard’s Hook always on stand-by. Such cheap tools can help save a life.

Also, learn how to apply CPR. You don’t want the worst situation to happen so it’s best if you know how to do first-aid. Enroll in a First-Aid Training Course. It’s just a few hours of learning, but definitely worth many lives.

Maintain supervision at all times

There is no better pool safety measure, especially for kids than close supervision. Every time there are people (even adults) around the pool, there should at least be someone in charge of monitoring safety.

Get a pool inspection for safety and compliance

Whether you have in-ground or above ground pool, make sure it is built by a qualified and certified company according to QLD pool laws. Also, make sure that the materials are made of the best quality and standard. Better yet, hire a pool inspection team, like iCertified.

iCertified is a Building & Pool Inspection, Safety and Compliance Specialist, which provides certification services to businesses and local residents in all of Australia. Contact us to make sure your family is safe will savoring the enjoyment brought by your home swimming pool.