Is a Building and Pest Inspection Completely Necessary?

inspection in progress

If you’re currently thinking about buying a home, it pays to know everything the purchase requires. When you have saved up for the cost, you have one big task out of the way and completing the other steps will be a bit easier. Getting a building and pest inspection is a good start and can be useful for you in many ways.

Firstly, you will know the present issues in the house and be able to estimate the cost of repairs. It is also during these inspections that termite and other insect infestations are found and assessed for immediate treatment. Lastly, having a clear report on the actual condition of the house will give you the power to negotiate the price better, especially when you mention the problems and factor in the expense of repairs. If you’re lucky, you might even find a seller who’s willing to shoulder the cost!

What Happens During the Building Inspection?

An expert will visit the property and inspect the inside and the outside of the house. When the inspection is done, you will receive a report about the condition of the foundation, framing, doors, ceiling, roof space and even the security of the windows. The inspector would let you know if some alterations or extensions in the property meet the regulations or if those would have to be modified.

The Pest Inspection

Any kind of pest that feeds on wood or causes destruction in and out of the house would be identified in the report. Termites are the ones that cause most problems so you need to read the report and recommendations about them carefully.

Though you can rely on the report from the inspector, you can always check a few things for yourself. When you find excavated wood that is hollowed out during your visit to the property, consider it a tell-tale sign of the presence of termites. Take a look at trunks or roots of trees because you might find nests somewhere.

Do a bit of checking inside to see if treatment there is also necessary. Bulging paint and small masses of dirt, especially in moist areas of the home are signs of termite presence, so you need to keep an eye out for those.

A Few Reminders

Many inspectors advertise their services, and you have the job of checking if they are really qualified. Find someone who can give you a guarantee of the report’s accuracy. Both inspections can cost from $200 – $500 and even $1000, depending on the size of the property or how detailed you want the report to be.

After you receive the reports, do not hesitate to ask them about it. Their recommendations would only be useful if you plan on acting on them. It may be a bit disappointing if the findings are bad, but it at least saves you from a lot of trouble (and costs) lately.