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QLD Pool Safety Inspection Checklist

The team at iCertified is dedicated to helping you pass your pool safety inspection the first time so as to limit any additional charges. Below are the most common issues that make people fail their QLD pool safety inspection. Make sure you pass your pool safety inspection the first time. Follow our pre-inspection checklist, book your pool safety inspection and get approved for your certificate first go.

Our pool safety inspectors work throughout QLD from the Gold Coast, to Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast.

QLD Pool Safety Checklist

Pool Barrier / Fencing

  • Is your pool fence a constant height 1.2 meters or higher around the pool?
  • Is the gap on either side of the vertical bars when squeezing them less than 100mm?
  • Are all pool fence panels present and firmly secure to the post?
  • Are the pool fence posts firmly secure to the ground?
  • Is the timber boundary pool fence structurally sound?
  • Are all the timber boundary pool fence palings present and secure to the fence?
  • Are there any gaps under your pool fence that are more 100mm?
  • Is any part of your pool fence damaged?
  • Are all parts of the living and dwelling areas protected by a child resistant barrier measuring at least 1200mm from all sides?

Around and In the Pool Fence Area

  • Are there any climbable objects* such as 1200mm of outside the pool fence?
  • Are there any climbable objects* within 300mm clear zone inside the pool fence area?
  • Is there any objects* within 900mm where the pool fence intersects another fence?
  • Is the CPR sign current and in clear view from inside the pool area?
  • Are the windows which open directly into the pool area open only a maximum of 100mm or have a security type screen over it?
  • Are there any potential hand holds or foot holds within 900mm from the top or bottom of the pool fence?

Pool Gates

  • Are the pool gate hinges a minimum distance of 900mm apart and not within the 900mm climbable zone from where the fences intersect?
  • Does the pool gates open out and way from the pool area?
  • Is the pool gate locking mechanism at least 1500mm from the ground?
  • Does your pool gates self close and self lock from any open position?

*Common climbable objects are stored items, potted plants, tree branches, tree stumps, shrubs, deck chairs, BBQs, water taps and pool equipment.


  • Current Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) sign prominently displayed in the pool area
  • Pool is on the pool safety register
  • Existing pool safety certificate (where applicable)
  • Pool safety certificate is valid
  • Building approval for the swimming pool/portable pool/spa

This checklist is just an example and should be used as a guide only. If you are located in New South Wales, the rules differ slightly – view NSW pool inspection checklist here.

After you have completed the checklist and have questions or would like more information about your particular pool fence, please call us at 1 300 899 078 or book your pool safety inspection today!

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